A constant reassurance

Working with natural ingredients means dealing with lots of different variables and delicate steps in the production process. Labojuice feels that intensive supervision of this process is a key factor in quality assurance.

We take care of production control for many producers of fruit and vegetable juices, concentrates and smoothies from all over the world. Over the years Labojuice developed an extensive control protocol which adheres to international food safety guidelines. This protocol can be tailored for each client to meet its specific quality requirements. Once this is decided upon, we provide the constant monitoring of the production process according to the agreed specifications. This can include the ingredients, the equipment used and the personnel involved. Using techniques such as cytometry we can even indicate microbiological contamination long before classical results are available. Labojuice provides clear and comprehensive reports of all services and analyses performed. 

In short, outsourcing your production control to Labojuice provides you with a constant reassurance of your quality standards. Your juice is in good hands.